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⇒  Kautz Speaks at the Annual Conference of the Society of Scientific Exploration

In May 2015 Kautz spoke at the annual conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and gave a presentation on how modern science must be enlarged and extended if it is become able to explain the many observed anomalies that are currently challenging its models, basic assumptions and research approach into the mysteries of our natural world. Almost all of these contradictory phenomena arise from the now well confirmed presence of the human mind in otherwise purely physical processes. The mind is presently excluded from science by its root metaphysical assumptions, yet it is obviously an inherent part of reality. A new phase of science is now slowly emerging in which the interaction of consciousness with matter must take priority, yet without removing its essential features of open inquiry, critical assessment and public validation.

Read an abstract of this talk.

[A DVD of this talk may be viewed from the Society for Scientific Exploration website:  SSE membership may be required.]

Posted October 15, 2015

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⇒  New Scientific Evidence for Immortality: It’s Real!

Xenoglossy is an alleged but unproven phenomenon in which a person speaks a genuine human language with they never learned. It has  frequently been claimed have occurred but all reported instances have been unconvincing, because either the speech was not in a genuine human language or the speaker could have picked it up earlier in life. CAI recently investigated a British case from early in the last century in which a woman claimed to speak Ancient Egyptian, a very dead language she could not possibly have learned. This language’s written dialect is preserved today but it has no vowels and is therefore unpronounceable.

We were able to prove that the language spoken was indeed Ancient Egyptian, dating from about 1350 BCE and last spoken about 400CE. Moreover, the phonetic record of her speech is too large (5000 phrases) and too intricate to have been coincidental, fabricated or fraudulent. This new evidence shows that xenoglossy is a genuine anomalous phenomenon, obviously retrieved intuitively. Most significant, it provides strong evidence that human consciousness survives bodily death, a fact that has important implications for everyone alive today.  Read more …

[A DVD of this talk may be viewed from the Society for Scientific Exploration website: SSE membership may be required.]

Posted Feb. 8, 2014

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