The following two applications of intuition were devoted to providing counseling to individuals and consulting to groups. In both cases a single intuitive responded to the client’s questions, so there was no need for a full subject-wide inquiry or intuitive consensus. The content of the intuitive information usually ranged widely and deeply, in response to the often intimate questioning. External verification was neither possible nor necessary beyond the abundant appreciation and satisfaction expressed by virtually all clients.

Intuitive Counseling: In this service all of CAI’s staff of expert intuitives (an average of ten) provided personal information to individuals (1200 in all) who were trying to understand better their life purpose and deal with problems that had arisen in their daily lives. Clients who were actually present with the intuitive (about 20%) asked questions from a standard set and then added several of their own. The other 80% of the sessions were carried out remotely; that is, a “conductor”sat is for the absent client, provided  identifying information, posed the questions and then followed up on the responses. About 300 of these remote sessions were requested from clients in Japan and required translations. The absence of the client in these distant “life readings” appeared to have little effect on their content, accuracy and relevance to the questions asked. All but a few counseling sessions were intimate and detailed, and many clients later acknowledged them to be highly beneficial, sometimes transformative.  Learn more

Intuitive Consulting: CAI provided face-to-face intuitive consulting for twenty Japanese  companies, ranging from small family businesses to those with hundreds of employees. A single CAI intuitive, and interpreter and I met with the president, CEO and board members, who were seeking better solutions to a variety of typical business problems and sometimes personal issues as well. We were never informed ahead of time of the name, location and type of business, and during the meeting no background or explanatory information was given to us about the company or their interests. The intuitive [CN] answered their inquiries for two to six hours, sometimes offering suggestions, ideas and unasked for information (sometimes surprising!). Opportunities for feedback on this consulting were always limited, but all but two of the firms expressed enthusiastic satisfaction. Two other of CAI’s intuitives conducted similar intuitive consultations with U.S. companies [PP and SO] and others for non-profit organizations [DR, JF, DC, CN] .  Learn more


Last modified: December 10, 2017