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William H Kautz HeadshotWilliam H. Kautz (Sc.D. M.I.T., 1951) founded (in 1977) and thenceforth directed the Center for Applied Intuition (CAI). Prior to this effort he carried out scientific and technical research at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) for 34 years in the emerging field of computer science, and in geophysics,  chemistry, health and the social sciences. His research included frequent international projects in Japan and Europe and teaching sabbaticals in Denmark and India. He received the Fellow Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and retired from SRI with the position of Staff Scientist. 

Kautz has authored seven books and forty articles, delivered more than 100 presentations at conferences, workshops and public gatherings, and taught at both universities and large private institutions. In 1993 he withdrew from administrative work to focus on lecturing, teaching and writing about intuition, science and other impacted fields. He currently lives and works in  Prague.

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