The sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy infant in its first four months of life (at most one year) is one of the most tragic human experiences for parents. Forty years of medical research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) have yielded neither the cause of the phenomenon nor a means of predicting or preventing it, only several questionable “risk factors.”

An intuitive consensus inquiry by the Center for Applied Intuition provided a clear explanation of SIDS and a prescription for how it may best be handled by the parents, and perhaps learned from. A dozen expert intuitives affirmed that even a infant is sufficiently conscious to be able to foresee its coming life and make a personal decision whether to continue living or not—its own kind of suicide. Partial corroboration of this finding can be found in little known discoveries that establish clearly that perinatal infants possess an active awareness capable of sensation, memory and some degree of “thought.” As its consciousness withdraws from its body it succumbs to whatever physical condition is weakest, which may not be detectable. Modern medicine possesses no means for testing this non-physical explanation in its own terms, and it therefore disregards it.

SIDS is therefore a natural occurrence, not a physical disorder or an infectious disease. The usual grief, guilt and confusion of the parents, while certainly understandable, arises from a misconception of the life process itself. These symptoms may be dispelled by a more complete understanding of how and why life and death occurs in human life. The child, truly a gift of life to the parents and on temporary “loan” to them, has the same free will as they do to come and go when it chooses. Their infant is not be regarded as a “possession” to be owned or an object of emotional dependency. Their love for it need be no less from this revised perspective, but it applies to the child’s consciousness more than its body, which can indeed be lost to them.

The child’s life, just as each parent’s life, is independent and ongoing. It makes its own fundamental life choices, and it does not begin at birth nor end at death. Herein lies the principal meaning and the lesson to be learned from an infant death. Read further.

Last modified: February 26, 2017