Intuition Services

The Internet is undoubtedly the best general resource for learning about the nature of intuition,  reading about historical research on intuition and applications of it, finding a suitable teacher or training program, and finding an expert intuitive with whom you may consult. Do keep mind, however, that the offerings vary greatly in quality and responsibility and are continually changing. Only a fraction of them are likely to meet your personal criteria of validity and suitability. Just like intuitive information itself, you must carry out your own tests and means of verification before relying upon it.

Intuition Training

Listing abound today for intuition development seminars, workshops, classes and intuition coaching, both for individuals and for business and governmental organizations. The following specific trainers and training programs can be recommended for their above-average quality of training, as of 2014, though they have not been thoroughly or recently checked out and evaluated, and may not be up to date by the time you read this.

Many of the CAI intuitives have written books or prepared audio or video tapes which present their particular approach to intuition development. They may be obtained through Amazon or other similar purchasing sites. Many tapes and downloadable programs may be ordered through,,,, among others.

Intuitive Counseling

Again, you may search for options to explore through the internet, transpersonal and spiritual counseling centers in your locality, and people you already know who have experienced this kind of service. The final choice of an appropriate individual counselor, one whom you feel you can trust is very individual, however. Very few credentialing services exist which qualify intuitive candidates for individual sessions and even these cannot be fully trusted to meet your own personal needs. Some of the original CAI intuitives are still providing counseling. Your choice of a counselor should be made only after you become familiar with the contents of the intuitive counseling and expert intuitive pages on this site, and only with careful consideration, including at least a serious phone interview or face-to-face contact with your candidate—and apart from even the most enthusiastic recommendations from friends.

To be sure, you are being called upon here to rely upon your own intuition for a wise selection.

The Intuition Network

This older organization offers various publications, recordings of radio and television interviews, media activities, conferences, books, local groups announcements and other information. It has been a rich resource for information on intuition and its applications.  Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., Director.

Last modified: March 15, 2016