What readers are saying about this website:

“Your research has been the scientific help for understanding intuition. You have completed the groundbreaking research and development—such a profound basis, truly a pioneering one. Your work has built a much better understanding of those multiple, unidentified aspects and the the untapped potential of intuition. And you have had the courage to immerse yourself into it while others have ignored or dodged it! … I am deeply grateful personally since  my work is pretty much leaning on your concepts and views. You have found great ways to explain and wonderful words to describe those extraordinary experiences of intuition to my academic peers.”

[Asta Raami, creative design teacher, Helsinki; author of Unleashing Intuition]

“You have done a great job! I can see how, compared to a book, it will have a much wider reach and will generate greater attention to your fascinating collection of investigations. … Naturally, it is much more difficult to write in a popular style in non-technical language for a wide audience, and I think you succeeded beautifully.”

[Paul Grof, M.D., Psychiatrist; Director of Mood Disorders Center, Ottawa]



Last modified: May 28, 2017