The following four applications lie in the fields or subfields of seismology, psychiatry, medicine and linguistics, all of which are known to be seriously constrained by a lack of needed knowledge but at the same time possess methodology for verifying new knowledge as it may arise. Most of the intuitive information obtained in these topics was therefore potentially testable. Verifications were actually carried out, and the positive results support the claim that the method of consensual intuitive inquiry may be used to generate totally new, significant and technical knowledge on demand.

The goal of earthquake triggering research is to understand the geophysical processes surrounding the final release of built-up stress within the earth just preceding major earthquakes. This missing body of knowledge, which is needed before monitoring systems can be devised for short-term earthquake prediction, was not available at all when the initial intuitive inquiry was undertaken in 1975-78. Abundant and new intuitive information, some very unexpected, explained the complex triggering process in detail and offered a dozen precursors that could be explored. Much of the consensus has since been verified (up to 2012) by on-going discoveries in geophysical research. The balance is credible and still awaits verification. Three of the identified precursors have initiated an entirely new phase of earthquake studies in the atmosphere and outer space.  Technical Article.

Bipolar depression, or manic depression, is a serious mental disorder that affects 5-10% of the population. In 1980 its cause and cure were completely unknown and only limited treatment was possible with drugs. An intuitive consensus study provided increased understanding on the course of the disease, some new directions for future research, and guidance on how existing treatment methods might be improved. Published medical findings in subsequent decades (up to 2010) confirmed the accuracy of much of the intuitive information. The balance, still not verified, offers valuable opportunities for future research. Technical article.

AIDS: This intuitive inquiry took place in 1993, a decade after the first cases of AIDS appeared, the virus HIV had been identified and the global medical response was just beginning. The consensus supplied novel information on the course of infection in the human body and how it might be controlled. It explained the limitations of the purely medical response to the AIDS epidemic, how there are actually three causes of AiDS, HIV being only one, and offered proposals for redirecting the program. This latter portion of the consensus has now been well verified by subsequent research (up to 2013). The several non-medical factors which underlay individual vulnerability, acceptance of infection and amenability to treatment have yet to be fully recognized and explored. Specific methods were offered on how an infected person can retard the spread of the virus in his body and eventually eradicate it without drugs. Technical Article

Xenoglossy: Many examples of the alleged phenomenon of xenoglossy, in which a person speaks a genuine human language they never learned, have been claimed to occur but all have been compromised and inadequate as evidence that xenoglossy can actually occur. CAI reexamined (non-consensually) a British case from the last century in which a language claimed to be Ancient Egyptian (from about 1350 BCE) was spoken and extensively and accurately transcribed. This ancient language’s written dialect is preserved today but has no vowels, so it is unpronounceable. It was last spoken about 400CE, so it could not have been learned in the last century. The record of speech is too large (5000 phrases and sentences) and too intricate to have been fabricated. CAI was able to prove that the language spoken is indeed Ancient Egyptian as claimed. This new evidence shows that xenoglossy is a genuine phenomenon, that intuition is capable of retrieving information as complex as a human language, and most significant, that we now have strong evidence for the survival of human consciousness beyond bodily death. Technical article.

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